Virtual Powerlifting Competition


January 15th - February 15th


Anyone who gets over 1,000 LB total (Squat, Bench and Deadlift) will receive a free shirt. FREE shipping included.

Everyone who correctly enters will get a free sticker pack from DB Gear, Fusion Sports Performance, NCN Supps, and RN Fitness Gear.

There will be 1 Male and 1 Female overall winner based off your *WILKS score

The overall winners will receive

-Hand crafted lifting belt from DB Gear

-Supplement Stack from Fusion Sports Performance

-Joggers, T Shirt, Tank top, Shorts, Long sleeve and a Hat from RN Fitness Gear

-Supplement Pack from NCN Supps


1) Sign up below, by clicking "Powerlifting competition sign up"and proceeding to checkout (must use your email address)

2) Follow @RNfitnessGear @fusionSportsPerformance @DBGear @NCNSupps

3) Post to your feed/timeline and tag all 4 companies using #VirtualPowerliftingComp

4) In your post you must include video of your Squat, Bench, and Deadlift

5) To be entered for the overall winner or a FREE shirt you must include a picture of your scale weight in your post, or start your video with a shot of the scale.

-Your post can be clipped into the 1 minute video or 3 individual 1 minute videos.

Whats Authorized?

Belts, Chalk, knee sleeves, Wrist wraps, knee wraps and elbow wraps are all authorized, nothing further. (No bench suits, straps, smith machines, safety bars etc.)

All lifts must be completed on the same day

Squat- 90 degrees or greater

Bench- Touch N Go. (Must demonstrate control down and all the way up, no bouncing the bar)

Deadlift - Conventional & Sumo. Must bring bar down. No dropping (must be locked out at the top)

*WILKS coefficient is vastly used in many powerlifting competitions across the globe it is a formula to best judge the strongest person factoring in gender, weight, and weights pushed/pulled