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Athlete of the Month!

This month our athlete of the month comes to us from Washington, John Wallace. Check out his story!

Nick asked me about my journey and what has got me to where I am. Well for right now I will be 62 in November. And my Journey has been an up-and-down Journey. After I got out of high school, I didn't work out at all. I met my wife and we got married when I was 31. I started working out again for a good two or three years and with kids coming and everything I just stopped and I went from 165 lb up to the most I've been 230. In between there and the last couple of years I would work out for 6 months to a year and stop. And then I'd start again and stop. And I've been away from working out for probably a good eight nine years. And I decided to get back to working out and getting more healthy. And it's very intimidating going to a gym when you've never really done it on a regular basis and what exercises to do. That's one reason why I like what Nick is doing talking about helping other people out and motivate other people. So I was back in the gym for a good year before covid-19 and with covid-19, I haven`t been working out. I decided I needed to work out again and a friend of mine had a total gym that he wasn't using so he gave it to me. So now I'm working out again, working out two to three days a week and trying to eat better. That still is an up-and-down battle for me trying to eat better and eat the right things. But I'm doing a lot better with it. His sight has really helped me keep more motivated and get me more disciplined. You have to remember no matter how many times you fall down you get back up and keep trying till you do it. There have been a few people in the gym that have helped me and showed me. All you have to do is talk to people about what they're doing and how's it going and you will be amazed how much that helps and what friendships you can make. Also I think what keeps me motivated, at my age. I have a few health issues, and I have a gorgeous wife and two kids. And I know the better shape I'm in, the better I am for myself and for them. I would also like to say thanks to Nick and all the other individuals on this site for keeping me motivated. It helps listening to their journey and working out and just being a better person.


I love everything about this long sleeve β€” the graphics, what it stands for, and the material of the shirt itself. It’s fitted with just enough stretch to be superr comfortable.


The Tank showed up packaged very nice and shipping was quick! The material is very nice and keeps you cool while training for optimal performance. The fit is a nice muscle fit, and runs true to size. Quality printing and graphics as well! Overall, very happy with my purchase and definitely recommend!

Christian F

The material is perfect for the gym, running outdoors, or any other type of athletic training. I love them and I'll be rocking them at the gym often. Honestly, hope more designs are coming soon to get some more

Brad M

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